Winzer von Erbach eG, gehört zweifellos zu den besten und zuverlässigsten Winzervereinigungen in Deutschland. Eine günstigere Quelle für anspruchsvolle Rheingau-Weine ist derzeit kaum zu finden

"Winzer von Erbach eG, gehört zweifellos zu den besten und zuverlässigsten Winzervereinigungen in Deutschland"

"Winzer von Erbach …by far the best wine-cooperation in the Rheingau"
(Quotation from wine writer Hugh Johnson)



Our wine-growers organization was founded in 1897. Today we have 45 vintners who deliver grapes from the Erbach and Kiedrich vineyards to our cellar.
There is close a relationship with our vintners, who are all part owners of our winery, all of whom have access to highly skilled and experienced viticultural advice.

The WINZER VON ERBACH cellar was built in 1903 in the "Art Nouveau" style.

Today we are the most highly rated Wine cooperation in the Rheingau region, well known for producing high quality Riesling wines with a strong price-value relationship.



Together with the Mosel region Rheingau is famous for growing top quality grapes of the best German white wine varietal, the Riesling.

With 3,200 hectares in a 45 kilometer stretch from Wiesbaden to Lorchhausen, it is one of the smaller wine regions in Germany.

More than 30% of our vineyards are located in the top spots of the Rheingau called "erstes Gewächs" (first growth).

38 hectares of productive vineyards are cultivated in the following locations in Erbach and Rauenthal:

Erbacher Michelmark: (12,0 hectares)
South south-west location, mainly slope, with deep gravely, loose-clay and heavy marl - soils. The documentation of this vineyard dates from year 1211.
The name component "Michel" is derived from the old high German and means simply "big plot"

Erbacher Steinmorgen: (6,0 hectares)
South-southeasterly area, deep loose-clay soils, partly mixed with gravel. The name component "Morgen" designates an area which could be cultivated during one morning. From here we like to produce our Riesling Kabinett - half dry.

Erbacher Honigberg: (19,0 hectares)
Southwest area, from slope to flat location, particularly deep loose-clay and meadow soils. This area's name is derived from the good honey-producing plants which the hill offered before being cultivated. These vineyards are situated next to the famous "Steinberg" at the same altitude level.

Rauenthaler Steinmächer: (1,0 hectares)
This location has a south-southwesterly direction. The area cultivated by the Winzer von Erbach is a pure flat site. Even before the year 1500 this area was known as a good vineyard with sandy soil.


Our Wines:

Riesling, the noblest German wines account for 83 % of production. The Rheingau and in particular the areas of Erbach are excellently suited for the cultivation of Riesling. The wines from this area are especially full-bodied and fruity.

The interest in German Riesling has increased rapidly worldwide - with the extraordinary and powerful 2006 vintage we have best chances to confirm this "run to the Riesling".

On some selected plots (9% of the area) the type Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) is cultivated. It is also produced as "Weißherbst" (Rose`)

As a specialty we offer a delicate, aromatic Grauburgunder and Weissburgunder (Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc).

Here we like to introduce a small selection of typical wines from our portfolio:

Riesling Qualitätswein "Erbacher Michelmark" - dry/trocken
Fruity and full bodied, mouth filling aroma of apples and peaches, refreshing and crisp.

Riesling Kabinett "Erbacher Honigberg"- dry/trocken
Dry (but not bone dry) Riesling with elegant, light body. Refreshing crisp, fruity taste. Filled in the dark blue fluted Rheingau bottles. The smell of green apples and minerals makes this a nice summer wine to drink on the terrace and fits well with fish, seafood and creamy pasta.

Riesling Qualitätswein "PRIMUS"- dry/trocken
Richness in extract and glycerine, spicy and powerful, with a fruity aftertaste of ripe peaches. Selected Spätlese grapes from our best Erbach Vineyards.
Delicate full taste with finesse. Good to mature for 1 or 2 years. Goes well with roasted chicken and pork roast.

Riesling Kabinett "Winzer von Erbach"- halfdry/halbtrocken
Similar to our dry Kabinett, the higher residual sugar pronounces the fruity character. Flavour of apricots and peaches. Dark blue fluted Rheingau bottle. (15 g/l residual sugar)

Riesling Spätlese Erbacher Michelmark - sweet/edelsüß
Good balance between acidity and fruity, ripe sweetness. Good to keep for a few years - better to enjoy whenever you want! With age comes a mouth filling honey flavour that will accompany the taste of ripe peaches. Goes well with sweet French apple pie or fat aromatic French cheese.

"Franziska" Qualitätswein Red Wine - dry/trocken
Modern smooth burgundy style, velvety Cuvee wine from the new crossing of "Regent" and "Dornfelder". Around 20 per cent of the Cuvee is matured for 9 months in German Taunus oak barrels of 225 litres (heavy toasting).
Dornfelder is a popular new German crossing (Helfensteiner by Heroldrebe, crossed in 1956) with deep colour, velvety tannin and pronounced, mouth filling taste of ripe dark berries. A grape varietel with big crop in the harvest. The perfect companion to barbecue and steaks. Named by Mr. Dornfelder who founded the wine University in Württemberg in 1868



The average quantity from a harvest is 300,000 litres of wine. This corresponds to a harvest ratio of 79 hectolitres per hectare.

Our cellar barrels and tanks have a capacity of 580,000 litres and the cellar storage volume is around 350,000 bottles of the Rheingau's finest wine.
The bottling is done in spring and early summer to conserve the fresh and fruity Riesling character our customers appreciate. Because of its pronounced fruity acidity you can store Rheingau Riesling longer than other white wines, especially when they are sweet (8-25 years and more). For the optimal flavour of our acidity reduced, refreshing dry Riesling wines with their pronounced fruity taste, don't store the bottles much beyond 2 years.


Winemaking Philosophy:

WINZER VON ERBACH is well known for an excellent price-quality relation. We prefer a fruity and acidity-reduced modern Riesling style.

Our aim is to produce the best possible wine by using the best know techniques even if it cost a little more to do so. This does not mean we are insensitive to price-constraints in the marketplace. We just believe that high quality is worth it in the long run.

In the vineyards our vintners create the foundations for a healthy, high quality grape harvest by using a minimum cut. It has been said many times that great wine is made in the vineyard, we believe that too - but you also need to use the best technical equipment and a reliable, creative cellar master with experience to get a perfect result.

In the Riesling Region it is important to cultivate this noble type of wine in the classic way while also integrating modern ideas and techniques. Once the grapes are in the winery, the aim is to preserve, and if possible, enhance the natural aroma and flavor of our fruity and worldwide unique Riesling.

The Rheingau is unequivocally a cool area, and the wine styles will always be elegant rather than robust, intense and refreshing rather than heavy.

Special importance is given to the preservation of the typical Riesling fruit. In comparison to most wine makers in the Rheingau we use malolactic fermentation for all red wines and also for selected Riesling qualities. So we create a smoother but still typical Riesling style.

We use a temperature control system inside our 10,000 litre stainless - steel tanks where we maintain a fermenting temperature of 15-18 degrees Celsius so that we can precisely control the development of fermentation. Often for the red wines the grapes are too cool to start with fermentation and we need to start the fermentation process by heating must. The red wines are fermented at 20-25 degrees Celsius. We use a special closed stainless-steel tank with aluminum paddles that mix the fermenting, crushed grapes in the must to get the maximum extraction of color and aroma.
No sulphur dioxide is added until the completion of the malolactic fermentation. The malolactic fermentation is actually not a "real fermentation". The activity of special bacteria reduces the total acidity content to approx 4,8 grams per litre and also changes parts of wine acid to the softer lactic acid which helps add to the smoothness of the wine.

We also have a small wooden barrel gantry of about 225 litres barrique casks. For our barrique wines we use a mixture of medium and heavy toasted Taunus and portuguesian oak. In general terms, the wines keep in contact with the yeast only for a few days after finishing fermentation. The ripening of our wines is mainly performed in special stainless steel casks; the bottling is done in early spring and summer. The wine is cooled down to 8 degrees Celsius before the bottling to keep its carbondioxid and freshness.



Specialized trade: 20 % - Catering/Restaurants:
30 % - Private customers: 40 % - Export: 10 %

Staff: Managing Director: Ronald Müller-Hagen
Cellar: Jochen Bug and Manuel Zuffer
Sales/Accounting: Diana Balzerowski
Sales/Accounting: Sonja Collé
Bookkeeping: Anneliese Kastenholz



We have received two gold state prizes, three silver state prices, three bronze state prizes, in addition major annual successes in Land and Federal wine competitions.

- The "Winzer von Erbach eG" is recommended in the leading German Wine Guide "Gault Millau" 2010.

- The wine guide "Wine Plus" recommends: "one of the best German coops!"

- "Wine Pope" Hugh Johnson's statement concerning the Winzer von Erbach eG:
"By far the best wine growing organization in the Rheingau, their fresh and fruity wines have a convincing price-performance ratio…"

In 2010 we got 6 gold- and 8 silver medals for our wines.

…my resume: a pretty good echo in the press, but don't care too much about that…try the taste of our fruity, young Riesling for yourself!


Winzer von Erbach eG
Ringstrasse 28
65346 Erbach im Rheingau

(40 minutes from Frankfurt, 20 minutes from Wiesbaden, 10 minutes from Rüdesheim)

Telephone: 0049-(0)6123-62 41 4
Fax: 0049-(0)6123-47 99
E mail:

Open from 08:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 17:00
Saturday from 10:00 - 14:00 and with appointment.


For traditional Rheingau kitchen we recommend our Restaurant Zum Engel - Gutsausschank WINZER VON ERBACH eG. Here you will find regional kitchen like "Bratwurst from wild boar with Kartoffelsalat" and the wine list offers our complete portfolio. Open from 17:00, the weekend from 10:00 o'clock (Marktplatz 2).

The way to Erbach, part of the village Eltville:

Freeway A66 from Frankfurt and Wiesbaden to the west. Take exit Eltville West/Erbach, than right to Erbach Village. In Erbach right in the Taunusstrasse straight ahead direction to Kiedrich, after passing the train gate left into the Ringstrasse.


Our partner in USA:

Kysela Pere et Fils, LTD
130 Windy Hill Lane
Suite W5-12/12A
Winchester, Virginia 22602
United States
Contact: Fran Kysela
Phone: 540-722-9228